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At the Detroit Michigan Bankruptcy Office of Walter Metzen and Associates, our experienced Michigan Bankruptcy Lawyers have successfully handled thousands of consumer bankruptcy cases to obtain financial relief for our clients. We pride ourselves in giving personal attention to our clients. Our Michigan Debt Relief Agency primarily represents individuals and small businesses, we have been helping people file Bankruptcy for over 15 years. The firm believes that bankruptcy is an honest solution and offers a free initial consultation. For more information, call us toll free at 1-800-398-DEBT or 888-4Walter, or email Attorney Walter Metzen at 8884Walter@sbcglobal.net or go to Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer .com


Should You File Bankruptcy?  Answers to Common Bankruptcy
Questions in Michigan


            Helping You Get a Fresh Financial Start in Michigan

 If you are presently dealing with debt problems, you are probably losing sleep. At  the law firm of Walter Metzen and Associates in Detroit, Michigan, I understand that issues such as credit card debt, medical bills, foreclosure, repossessions, utility shut offs and wage garnishments are serious. However, these are issues I can manage for you. I am in the business of giving people a fresh financial start.

As an attorney with 18 years of Michigan bankruptcy law experience, I can guide you through issues such as home foreclosure, repossessions, tax debts, creditor harassment and other debt problems. I have helped thousands of individuals and business owners in  Michigan, and I am certain I can help you.


   Every cloud has a silver lining.

Life has its ups and downs. If you are having debt problems, you are in one of the down times. However, sooner or later, your financial situation will improve. There will be an upside. If you want that upside to belong to VISA and Discover, do nothing about your debt problems now.  However, if you want it to belong to you and your family, consider bankruptcy as a way to erase your debt and start over.

Learn more about my background and credentials as a consumer and business bankruptcy attorney.


   Free in office Michigan Bankruptcy Consultation

For a free consultation about debt relief options, call me, attorney Walter Metzen, at 888-4WALTER or fill out our contact form on this Web site. My law office is in Detroit,  Michigan, next to the United States Bankruptcy Court that covers all the Counties of Southeastern Michigan..



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Filing Bankruptcy in Detroit

  •   Driver's License or State ID & Social Security card
  •   Pay Stubs for the past 2 months
  •   Copies of all Bills, Summons or Judgments against you by creditors
  •    Divorce Judgments or Decrees
  •   Real Estate Documents, Deeds, Recorded Mortgages, mortgage balance statements
  •   Property Tax Bills (SEV)
  •   Bank Statements for 3 months
  •   Recorded Mortgage and Deed
  •   Car Titles
  •   Income Tax Returns & W2 forms
    for the last 2 years